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Heron Point on Kerr Scott Lake, NC


Heron Point on Kerr Scott Lake, NC Location

Heron Point is located about 1 miles north of Highway 268 on W. Kerr Scott Lake Reservoir, about 6 miles west of downtown Wilkesboro. Both I-77 and Highway 421 are major highways to use to get to Wilkesboro.  

From Wilkesboro – Intersection of Hwy 421 and Highway 268.

1.  Take Hwy 268 West for 6 miles.
2.  Turn Right onto Jim Caudill Road.
3.  Go 1 mile – Heron Point is on the left.

Click on this link to see the location of Heron Point in North Carolina.

Distances from Heron Point:

Asheville, NC 100 miles
Atlanta, GA300 miles
Boone, NC35 miles
Charlotte, NC90 miles
Charleston, SC295 miles
Greensboro, NC85 miles
Jacksonville, FL470 miles
New York City, NY600 miles
Miami, FL820 miles
Myrtle Beach, SC256 miles
Outer Banks, NC380 miles
Raleigh, NC165 miles
Tampa, FL693 miles
Virginia Beach, VA334 miles
Washington, DC382 miles
Wilmington, NC290 miles
Winston Salem, NC60 miles